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Who is

Hailey Wilson?

As a down to earth communicator, strategist and storyteller, I have a single goal for all of my projects:

Be authentic

Regardless if you're communicating internally or externally, you are connecting with human beings. My mission is to never lose that focus.

I've made a career of studying people and telling stories that inform and inspire them.

Striking that perfect balance between professionalism, humor, and authenticity in corporate communications can be challenging, but it is a puzzle that I enjoy solving over and over again.

up for the challenge

Whether it is explaining complex energy issues to business leaders or detailing changes to a popular company policy to employees, I meet each challenge by remembering three keys to successful communications:

  • Balance what needs to be communicated with the way the audience wants to hear it.

  • Respect the audience by using an authentic style and avoiding jargon.

  • Earn the audience's attention through descriptive language and dynamic content.

I've had a lot of success by following these simple rules and I'm thankful to the hundreds of employees, executives and community members who have taught me through experience.

On a personal level, I am an avid photographer always on the hunt for that perfect shot. Despite my extreme dislike of strenuous exercise, I've climbed up steep ravines and braved windy summits to capture dreamy sunsets and snowy landscapes. When I'm not looking through my camera lens, I'm writing and chronicling stories of my eccentric family.

Hailey Wilson Hiking
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My Values

Seek Extraordinary Experiences

You deserve my best, so you'll get it. This means that I'm always on the lookout for a chance to delight you and your team (that's the fun part of the job!).

Be Thorough

My grandfather always said, “If you don't do it right, you might as well not do it at all.” I believe in doing the job well — down to the smallest detail.

Have Integrity

In my line of work, integrity presents itself in the form of radical candor. I will always tell you the truth (the good, the bad, the ugly).

Move Forward, Move Fast

Excellent communications must be timely, that much is obvious. Beyond communicating “fast”, I believe in communicating “forward”. Following this value means I do my homework to learn the industry's best, newest ideas (and come up with a few on the way) so that your communications are fresh and relevant.

my resume

Hailey Wilson Communications

Started: October 2022
Ended: Present

President of Hailey Wilson Communications

My services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. I work collaboratively throughout the entire process and guarantee measurable results.
Check out the Services page or contact me to find out how I can help you meet your communication needs.

Atria Wealth Solutions

Started: July 2022
Ended: October 2022

Vice President of Corporate Communications

Supported the rollout of communications strategies to deliver Atria’s content to relevant targets through a multi-channel approach, including earned media, social media, owned digital properties, and internal communications. Partnered with corporate, commercial, and functional leaders across the organization to provide perspective and guidance. Led the development of proactive external and integrated communications strategies and programs, including innovative storytelling and engagement ideas to communicate and align key messages.

Cetera Financial Group

Started: August 2021
Ended: May 2022

Director of Internal Communications

Owner and architect of Cetera Financial Group’s internal communications. Assessed the current state of the internal communications program to identify gaps and design solutions. Influenced change across the organization by creating opportunities for genuine dialogue between leadership and employees. Implemented key processes to ensure maximum efficiency and authenticity of leadership communications. Co-chaired Cetera’s culture revolution efforts to “reset” Cetera culture, using the massive change from the pandemic to kick-start the opportunity for employees and leaders to rethink how we worked at Cetera and how we could create more human-centric experiences for employees and advisors.
Select Achievements:
  • Created the Executive Communications Advisory Board to bridge the gap between employees and executives.
  • In the first two months, conducted a massive internal communications audit which included a survey of employees, several focus groups and interviews with more than 60 leaders and internal influencers.
  • Launched Yammer, a companywide digital community to enable cross-functional collaboration and socialization for all employees. The platform had more than a 90 percent adoption by employees.


Started: Novermber 2018
Ended: July 2021

Customer Experience Communications Specialist

Manager of the company’s customer communications processes and campaigns as part of the Marketing organization. Led and executed communications strategy to resolve critical customer issues. Designed key customer communications processes to notify customers about product changes, quality issues, and obsolescence. Identified and resolved gaps in business procedures to enable customer success. Global trainer of customer-facing teams for increased empathy and understanding of the customer journey. Fostered relationships with customers through online engagement, such as email marketing, social media, and promotional materials. Led cross-functional campaign to transform company culture, ensuring a customer-first focus within every department. Drafted executive messaging for internal customer experience campaigns. Supported vendor management for various communications and customer experience tools and services.
Select Achievements:
  • Created tailored empathy communications curriculum and trained Illumina’s customer-facing employees to empower compassionate, effective customer communications.
  • Reformed the company’s customer notification process to create consistent, timely, customer-focused notifications.
  • Provided strategic direction for crisis communications and customer communications, as well as messaging and execution for various company-wide issues (e.g., company acquisitions, COVID-19 response, digital transformation efforts).

First Republic Bank

Started: August 2017
Ended: October 2018

Internal Communications Manager

Owner and producer of the bank’s internal communications as part of the Marketing organization. Led the bank’s internal communications strategy and vision, and developed the corporate communications program. Evolved the internal newsroom into an employee-centered channel with a focus on storytelling, client service, and company culture. Created a new all-company channel in the form of a bi-weekly employee newsletter. Directed crisis communications strategy through emergencies such as natural disasters and reputational risks.
Select Achievements:
  • Created and produced a bi-weekly all-company newsletter which had an industry-leading open rate of 80 percent and a click-through rate of 14 percent.
  • Evolved the internal newsroom through authentic, employee-focused content, resulting in an average of more than 90 percent readership companywide month over month.
  • Co-founded Financial Literacy Week, coordinating more than 200 hours of employee volunteer hours.

Pacific Gas & Electric

Started: April 2014
Ended: August 2017

Expert Communications Representative

Expert Communications Representative (Community Relations)

January 2016 to August 2017
Owner and implementer of a broad spectrum of strategic initiatives to drive positive awareness of the company’s philanthropic efforts internally and externally. Led communications and corporate strategy and brand development for employee-giving and volunteer programs. Produced human-centric stories and videos on the company’s community outreach efforts. Developed strong collaboration across multiple cross-functional teams to maximize positive media. Performed market research, developed documentation, and delivered PowerPoint and keynote presentations to prepare executives for multiple speaking engagements.
Select Achievements:
  • Developed communications strategy for companywide employee-giving campaign which helped break the company record gift amount of $8 million.
  • Created presentations, articles, and materials for executives as part of PG&E’s comprehensive Thought Leadership Program.
  • Helped achieve the highest percentage of positive news coverage of the company in five years.

Senior Communications Representative (Gas Organization)

April 2014 to January 2016
Built strong relationships with media and cross-functional teams to help tell PG&E’s key stories internally and externally.
Served as the team’s photographer and videographer in creating human-centric productions to intrigue audiences and drive record viewership.
Created unique media campaigns to highlight the company’s use of technology and innovation to drive PG&E’s gas safety narrative.

Duke Energy

Started: September 2009
Ended: April 2014

Communications Consultant

Communications Consultant (Internal Communications)

January 2012 to April 2014
Consultant, planner, and producer of internal communications and engagement initiatives that informed employees of company-wide programs, changes, and strategic priorities. Drove employee engagement, awareness, and buy-in by researching and writing multi-generational news pieces/narratives and feature stories, while facilitating live intranet chats, lunch-and-learns, and CEO-led open forums.

Communications Representative (McGuire Nuclear Station)

September 2009 to January 2012
Creator and implementer of internal and external communications strategies and content that supported the business, safety, and human-performance goals of a high-profile nuclear operations facility. Owned projects that influenced the community and school systems, and managed crisis communications, media relations, and internal engagement efforts.

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